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RDI Controls is an Opto 22 Distributor & System Specialist. Our engineering expertise coupled with our knowledge of the Opto 22 hardware platform allows our customers to tap into the full potential of the Opto22 control system.

As an independent Engineering Company (no longer tied to any specific hardware) RDI has evaluated multiple control platforms and feels that Opto22 provides the most cost effective, future proof (Opto 22 has a proven record of backwards compatibility), highly flexible / scalable, and open architecture system for an application of this type. No longer will you be "stuck" with a closed HMI system or costly replacement parts (keep in mind that Opto22 provides a Life Time Warranty on all solid state I/O Modules). It was evaluation that led RDI to utlize Opto22 on a wide range of applications.

The Opto22 SNAP PAC I/O System provides a means to create a truly distributed I/O Control System. With peer to peer communication and the ability to put control on the I/O level, you can develop a cost effective system that provides greater fault tolerance and continued local control/operation when problems do arise. In addition, Opto22 has a wide range of communication options that may allow us to easily interface to existing control equipment to provide status information and a control interface.